From the recording Love & Dystopia vol.2

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Brave New World

Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” is the inspiration for this one. Acceptance of propaganda is the zeitgeist that governs our existence. Mind control by saturation of suggestion is the norm. Independent thought is rigidly frowned upon. In Huxley’s BNW, “John the Savage” remained authentic and faithful and he was ridiculed to the point of suicide. In our Brave New World, we are headed for the same sterile, Godless place. To restore our freedoms, we must not hang around and wait for something to happen.


Brave New World

In a brave new world, about a hundred years after Ford.
We can change your mind, you’ll repeat what you’ve been told every time;
Information just for you and your kind

It’ll tale a lot of Soma to make you forget,
they called this place the land of the free.
Alternate reality’s place has been set;
Look around, if you want, you can see.

Off the reservation you go, if by chance you should know
You’ve been giving away things that you didn’t owe
Trapped in your DNA there’s a voice you can hear,
It’s been telling you things you shouldn’t say.
And just like Savage John, you’re becoming the scene,
Just be simple in thought, always say what you mean.
If you mean what you say, then now’s not time
for hanging around and waiting for something

It’s a brave new world, it’s no matter for a boy or a girl.
You could fall behind if you don’t tow the company line,
pacified ‘cause things are just fine.
An Alpha or a Beta is what you will be, but you’re just another
number in line. Keep you eyes in focus on things you are shown; what is yours, it is ours, and it’s mine.

Back to the reservation you go, as if we didn’t know
You’ve been running away from some things you can’t say.
From your past and The Word, and the world’s history,
You’ve been closing your eyes ‘cause you don’t want to see
And just like Savage John you could give it away,
But there still could be time, there’s still something to say.
Now it’s all up to you, and now’s not the time for hanging
Around and waiting for something.