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nathan sheppard/Infinite Bandwidth: Songs


(nathan sheppard)
November 1, 2008
Nathan Sheppard

I see you sitting in a chair
Seems like your just sitting there
Wonder what you're thinking when you smile
I touch you like I touch no one
I know we're only having fun
To think that I've been wondering all the while

If you're so pleasin'
You're so pleasin'

And talking's not the easy one
Other things have not begun
But neither of us have to soon decide
Which one will be tonight's charade
Yesterday we had it made
And past and present futures coincide

Give to me a little part
Of your desire and then we'll start
To recognize the time has almost gone
Take your time and realize
It's time for you to visualize
Your soul all alone out in the sun

Forget it, it was just a dream
We passed a feeling, so it seems
Comfort to us both is on the way
A pleasant voice to speak to you
A soft and gentle body too
A new beginning it’s another day.