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nathan sheppard/Infinite Bandwidth: Songs


(nathan sheppard)
November 1, 2008
Nathan Sheppard

Take your time, closer now
Here's a little drop of sunshine that I've found Don't look now, open eyes A drop a tear of laughter comes falling down

You're a butterfly, laughing, dancing
And you don't know why you're still breathing
And you're way too high, you can feel it now
And you gotta find a way to get back down

Focus on a changing scene
Try to find a constant instant everything
Louder than the screaming sound
A whisper of the future comes falling down down down

And it's quiet now, you're coming down
And you feel okay, at least you think so anyway
It's another ride, a rising tide The waves are getting deeper but your feet are on the ground

In awhile, you'll try again
To get inside the place the feeling that you're in
When you go carry me
I want to see the sights and feel your insanity