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nathan sheppard/Infinite Bandwidth: Songs

Lonely Girl

(nathan sheppard)
December 5, 2005
Nathan Sheppard
Lonely Girl

Well I wake up Sunday morning, you’ll be gone
I can’t remember if the things we said were right or wrong.
The innocence we left behind is nothing now you say
It’s gone forever, things are changing, nothing’s in your way.


Lonely Girl, I’d like to take the world and put it in your hands.
But Lonely Girl, it’s racing through the universe and will not land.
I’d like to change your mind, I’d like to change the time, I’d like to be
with you and leave this little town behind. But Lonely Girl, I
know you’ll understand.

The changes come so easily, at least for now, it seems.
The way you come and go each day’s like living in a dream.
A chance to be beside you and hold you in my arms.
A place to be so wild and free and drowning in your charms.


I wake up from a slumber and know it’s just a dream.
It’s self indulgent torture, subconsciously, it seems.
I’ll go about the business of keeping in my day,
and be with you again, in dreaming,
nights are just that way.